We provide interactive learning environment based on Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)

Our class programs 💡

Intensive Private Class

English Class
Chinese Class

60 mins per session

This class is created specifically for one-on-one meetings with. Sessions in a week is adjusted to meet parent's or children's needs.

Online or Offline Class

Regular Class

Toddler Class
Nursery Class
Kinder Class

30 to 90 mins per session

This class is available in Chinese or English with a thematic learning experience. Each class can only be attended up to 6 children.

Online or Offline Class

Regular classes based on your child's age group

Toddler Class
(1.5 - 2 years old)

Children love to explore and try to make sense of the world around them. Let them experience interactive and fun learning through sensory play . 

Nursery Class
(2 - 4 years old)

Curiosity and independency are signs that your children start to enter the next phase. Give them space to release curiosity and gain their confidence through interactive activities in this class. 

Kinder Class
(4 - 6 years old)

Children continue to develop their sense of initiative as they enter this age. It is time to let them involve more in discussion, and practice more of reading and writing. 

What do we have? 🍒

Sensory Play

We let children experience learning through playing in the class. Thus, one core activity that we provide is sensory play. It is beneficial to stimulate children's senses, supporting their development in many areas. 

Art & Creativity

Children learn to express creativity, feelings and imagination. It's a good way to build their confidence, practice fine motor, social emotional and communication skills. You'll be surprised to know what your children can tell through their artworks!

Brainstorming & Discussion

Children love to talk about their ideas and to be involved in fun and interactive discussion. This is a good chance to gain confidence and practice their public speaking through the activities in the class.

Join the class and experience the fun!
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