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Children have unique characters, strengths and abilities to bloom in their own way 🌻

Age 0-5 years is a crucial phase, where children start to learn their world and surroundings. Furthermore, a rapid growth of brain cells also happens during this period of time.

“Children are like tiny flowers; they are varied and need care, but each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers.”

- Friedrich Froebel -

What is Teeny Seeds?

Teeny Seeds is a learning centre for children to explore their interest and build their abilities through a fun play-based learning.
Teeny Seeds’s presence is to help and be a teammate with parents.
We believe

Growth always starts from
small steps 🌱

and thus, right amount of stimulation and learning, based on age development, will help the children grow well.
"Teeny Seeds has been a great help for me as a parent. At first, I wonder whether Jax could sit down and enjoy the class, but turns out he likes it very much."
Mrs. Sarah - Jax's Mom
"Teeny Seeds has offered excitement in learning for children to follow, helping all the children in class to communicate with every each of them very well and the most important is, they know how to keep all the participants entertained because every session has its own unique variety of new stuff for kids."
Mrs. Feliciana - Oliver's Mom

"We are happy to see Alicia enjoys the classes at Teeny Seeds. The activities and materials provided are so good for Alicia, she learns a lot of things, she is progressing during the classes. Teeny Seeds always has great activities for kids."
Mrs. Siska - Alicia's Mom

Our curriculum is designed to help children grow their interest in learning by providing them activities to explore based on their age development

We provide fun activities and materials with play-based learning and child-centered curriculum, which will help the children to explore their interest, experience learning and participate actively in the class.
Sensory Play
Art & Creativity
Brainstorming & Discussion
Our learning environment is set as it is in formal schools, with the purpose, to introduce and prepare children when they join in. It means children get chance to experience social skills as well since their early age.
Intensive Private Class

English Class
Chinese Class

Regular Class

Toddler Class
Nursery Class
Kinder Class

Join the class and experience the fun!

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