Ask Us

What curriculum is Teeny Seeds using?

Our curriculum adapts play-based learning and child-centered curriculum, which will help the children to explore their interest, experience learning and participate actively in the class.

When is the intake of Teeny Seeds?

It starts on Sept '21 for regular class, following our yearly theme. However, children can join in the middle of learning as we will conduct one-on-one screening session with the children before joining the class.

How many children can attend in a regular class?

We only allow up to 6 children in a class to maintain children's focus, and class can continue to run effectively and conducive.

Do we have to prepare material before the class?

Parents do not need to prepare any material, Teeny Seeds will provide it for your children; unless free trial class.

Can we see the class curriculum?

Yes, we are glad to inform the parents about our curriculum. Kindly contact us and we will arrange an online meeting with parents.

What language is Teeny Seeds using to deliver each program?

We are fully using Chinese or English during our teaching in the class. It depends on parents preference during registration.

How long is Teeny Seeds's learning time in one session?

It takes 30 - 60 mins depends on your class preference. Details can be seen in Programs section.

Teeny Seeds's Class Schedule

Chinese Class
Mon & Wed (12.30 PM - 1.30 PM)

Toddler Class
Tue & Thu (11.15 - 11.45 AM)

Nursery Class
Tue & Thu (10.10 - 11.10 AM)

Thu & Fri (2 - 3 PM)

Kinder Class
Thu & Fri (9 - 10 AM)

How long is each term?

A full term will take 2 months of learning time with two sessions each week.

Do you have any options of enrollment?

There are three options to enroll: one session, one month (half term) and two months (full term) enrollment.

How do we enroll? *Detail is provided in each class option.

1. Choose one of our class options.
2. Click "Go to Checkout".
3, In your shopping cart, please choose the number of quantity (class session).
4. Click "Checkout".
5. Choose your delivery options.
6. Proceed to payment.

What payment methods does Teeny Seeds accept?

In the meantime, we only accept payment via bank transfer.

What makes Teeny Seeds different with any other learning club or private tutor?

We believe observation is one key to know what the children need and how to approach them. Our team is not merely give the teaching and lesson, yet we put every detail of progress for each child in a termly report. Moreover, we would love to have personal consultation regarding to the children's progress with parents as well.

If you have any further questions, drop us a message. We would love to meet you! 👋